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Ukyo Katayama

Leader of Good-Charism Manifesto project(incorporated association)
Yes, the 5th “Tour de Sanriku” will be held soon!
I think this was made possible because people who wanted to support this event continuously got together and united their energy since fall 2012――in 2012 , we tried hard and managed to create the 1st “Tour de Sanriku” with Rikuzentakata city. Last year, at 4th “Tour de Sanriku”, I was able to participate in the event actually and to ride a bike with many cyclists. I felt so happy at this time. Although it rained on the event day(it had been sunny on trial run day, though) , many people supported us along the cycling course. This may mean that our event was recognized as a part of life of people in Rikuzentakata city.
Rikuzentakata area has changed much since our 1st event was held. Now I feel that recovery actions are happening but true recovery is still far away. Recently, Kumamoto prefecture has suffered from earthquake disaster. My heart aches because this area was my favorite playground. But people support, and are supported by, people. I believe that, deep in our help-each-other mind, people have challenging spirit for adream. A big dream unites people’s mind and , deep in people’s mind, creates great energy to challenge for next steps.
This time, too, I will ride a bike with many cyclists and support this 5th event, encouraging people living in this area.
I do hope 5th Tour de Sanriku will be a big step for realizing a big dream among us.

Ryoko Hinata

  Main host rider
With support of many people, the 5th “Tour de Sanriku” will be held this fall.
At 1st event, it was memorable that all of us walked with our bikes along the road where pavement had been ripped off by the disaster. But after that, every time I come here to participate in this event, many changes have happened-----construction actions for moving housing areas to higher area, creating new city area, building defense walls for extreme high tide-----and so I have seen recovery process. More and more cyclists come to this event and tie between us and people living in this area became stronger and stronger….
Last year new course ‘Strong Legs Mountain Course’ was added, and this year, in response to requests, ‘Super Strong Legs Mononoke Cours’ was born----you can run in mountain area where deers and antelope live----so, I think, cyclists can enjoy the course more along with seeing the changes of recovery process in this area.
With this event, I can grow with people around me by adding various memories.
As host-rider of this event, I will try my best to make all cyclists feel happy and satisfied from the bottom of heir hearts, and to share beautiful memories with them.

Rena Yamada

broadcaster/weather forecaster
5th Tour de Sanriku will be held this fall! Every year more cyclists have come and new course have been added to this event, and I feel very happy because Tour de Sanriku is growing bigger along with the progress of recovery of Rikuzentakata.
Many cyclists are looking forward to seeing the changes of the scenery (along with recovery), and to seeing people (supporters) living in this area again. And first-timers of this event are very much excited about coming to this area.
Tour de Sanriku is a very ‘at home’ event! Cyclists can enjoy talking with people along cycling course and with cyclists riding bikes together. I hope many people will share their happy voices!
This year Kumamoto prefecture suffered from earthquake disaster. Participating in Tour de Sanriku may be a chance to make us to re-think of the importance of helping each other, of getting together and sharing something with many people.
Anyway, let’s enjoy this event with big smiles!

Futoshi Toba

Mayor of The City of Rikuzentakata, Honorary Chairman of Tour de Sanriku 2016 Event Committee
Already more than five years have passed since East Japan Huge Disaster. And we really thank many people in Japan and foreign countries who supported and encouraged us warmly continuously.
And we are very happy to be able to hold 5th ‘Tour de Sanriku in Rikuzentakata・Ofunato’ with cooperation of many supporters. This year more various recovery actions are going to be realized, such as start of big construction works of public facilities and big commercial facilities and buildings in city area. We hope that all participants of this event will enjoy cycling seeing beatiful sceneries of nature of our city and also seeing various recovered areas.
And we, as a city which experienced huge natural disaster, hope that Kumamoto prefecture and other areas which suffered natural disaster will recover from it as soon as possible. Through this 5th anniversary event and at the other several opportunities, we are ready to show our support spirit and some support activities.
We sincerely hope that cyclists from throughout Japan will come and participate in this event.
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